Month: November 2016




SEX is a visual art exhibition and fundraiser. Each painting covers  a different fetish or kink.  The paintings are to sell to give proceeds to Arts Sisterhood UK – A  charity providing art therapy for women.

Sex sells, but who’s buying ?

This collection of paintings is dedicated to the assortment of fetishes and kinks that I have experienced, whilst working as a Dominatrix and Erotic Entertainer .The exhibition is a visual exploration through the weird, and down right dirty spectrum of fetish and fantasy.
The collection is a reflection of sexuality, that I’ve experienced both online and face to face, and to an extent my own sexuality.


All men are pigs – oil 

Finincial dommination- ( In the finicial dominatrix world men get their kicks by givig women their  hard earned money. These men are called “pay pigs”)



Cold Curse Trailer – Film coming soon

Cold curse is  a camp and surreal take on “Compensation Culture’ . In the last 30 years there has been a major rise in “NO WIN NO FEE” personal injury claims .  This film makes light of the mundane absurdity of working in a call centre offering personal injury settlements .

I want to take this call centre from the very ordinary to the supernatural by bringing in the idea of the supernatural with “Cold cursing ” – cursing clients over the phone to have unfortunate accidents with the power of suggestion so that when they do our company “Cold Curse LMD” can cash in off the insurance.