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This piece is in reaction to an act of pure misogyny. I was evicted from my home on false grounds of being a sex worker. I received the letter shown accusing me of “illegal and immoral acts” as a result of another tenant reporting me to the landlord for being a “prostitute” – simply because he had heard me having sex with my partner.

One man’s word against me was sufficient to throw me out of my home. Although the space had never been used to sell sex, even if it had this would not contravene any existing laws. The “illegal and immoral” spray paint used to deface the wall of the room was a return of their accusation in an act of defiance. The tinsel and dollar bills act in a mocking jibe against the absurdity of the situation.




SEX is a visual art exhibition and fundraiser. Each painting covers  a different fetish,

fantasy or kink.  The paintings are to sell to give proceeds to Arts Sisterhood UK – A  charity providing art therapy for women.

Sex sells, but who’s buying ?


Forby Beach – Acrylic20746908_10213761962621794_556027695_o-2

sex clown-oil



“paint who you wanna be” oil



All men are pigs – oil 


Come Die With Me


Come Die With Me
Wax figures

“If you could have anyone living or dead at your fantasy dinner party who would you have “

In this piece I invite you to come and join the diners at the table. You sit beside Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Princess Dianna at this uncanny dinner party. You are transported into the fantasy vision of an obsessive fan.

You hear, as though from the grave ,their haunting conversation discussing the isolation and pressures of fame. Incorporating themes of consumption at this dinner table, I ask the question did their fans consume these celebrities? Were they subjected to so much expectation and adoration it ultimately killed them?

Lily Dean

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